Sponsor of the Store Brands Industry Summit &

July Sustainability Forum

Club Coffee™ is one of North America's largest coffee roasters, working with major coffee brands to meet consumer demand for taste, quality and sustainable innovation. Consumers want sustainable packaging that preserves freshness and cuts plastic waste. Club Coffee's newest sustainably-sourced, paper-based coffee packaging uses Boardio® technology - a recyclable, renewable alternative to today's multilayer packaging and bulky cans.

Sponsor of the Store Brands Industry Summit

Confitex designs and manufactures market-leading eco-friendly period panties and incontinence underwear. Our award-winning, patented, slimline textile technology has been independently

lab-verified to deliver superior absorbency and leakproof performance. Waterproof without a PU plastic layer, it offers numerous advantages as we can mold, stitch and heat-seal for superior comfort and protection.

Sponsor of the Store Brands Industry Summit

Plata Wine Partners produces award winning wines and develops brands that drive consumer engagement. Exclusive brands created the way you want.

Sponsor of the Sustainability Forum

Pacific Coast Producers is an agricultural cooperative owned by over 160 family-farms located in Central and Northern California. Many of our growers are third and fourth generation farmers and take great pride in what they do. Our growers have sustainable practices and harvest the highest quality fruits and tomatoes – so we can produce the best products possible for the world to enjoy.

Sponsor of the Sustainability Forum

Smile Beverage Werks mission is to make going green as easy as drinking a delicious cup of coffee. Join us in preserving the planet one coffee pod at time so we can continue to enjoy these delicious beans and our Earth for generations to come!

Sponsor of the Store Brands Industry Summit

SweetLeaf ® Stevia is an award-winning sweetener with zero calories, no sugars, zero carbs, has a non-glycemic response, no artificial sweeteners, and is a non-GMO sugar alternative. SweetLeaf ® now offers a line of Organic amazing and great tasting Monk Fruit as the up-and-coming keto-friendly sweetener.

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